Malkhed Lake (Tourism)

Malkhed Lake

Malkhed Lake


Mlalkhed dam is officially a Dam Irrigation Project by Government of Maharashtra in 1972.
Officially renown for ” MalkhedMalkhed Dam , D -3389“.
Despite of this it is popular as ” Malkhed Lake / Malkhed Talav “.
It established on the water of Kholad River.
Length Of Dam : 1422 m ( 4665.354 Feet)
Height Of the dam above lowest foundation : 17.05 m ( 55.9383 Feet )
Maximum / Gross storage capacity is 10.9 MCM Live storage capacity is 8.96 MCM.
Nearby cities: Chandur Railway, Amravati, Wardha
Coordinates:   20°50’39″N   77°54’21″E

It is well known as one of the tourism place in Maharashtra. People comes here to enjoy evening with family. It is destination for School, college picnic.   Natural beauty of Malkhed dam is enough to let you visit again and again.


-article by Aniruddha Chaudhari